Americans Step Up Their Support Of The NRA And Second Amendment As Both Come Under Fire

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Despite all the passion after the devastating massacre carried out by a madman in Parkland, Fla. the numbers just aren’t adding up in gun grabber’s favor.


Not only do Millennials support Second Amendment rights as much as prior generations, but the National Rifle Association — a.k.a the “gun lobby” — has seen a significant increase in donations as it has simultaneously been vilified as a literal murderous boogeyman.

In January, the NRA collected almost $248,000 in individual contributions. In February, they collected more than $779,000.

It’s no secret that interest in guns and gun sales — as evidenced by anecdotes and manufacturing numbers — have until recently gotten boosts from mass shootings. So it would stand to reason that donations to the NRA would get a bump as well.

Since the Parkland shooting happened in the middle of the month, one could argue the relationship between it and the spike in donations is hard to prove.

However, the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks political spending, tracked itemized contributions (donations of $200 or more by an individual) in the days before and after the shooting. According to their data, in the two weeks after the shooting, itemized contributions to the NRA doubled from the previous two weeks.

They also found the number of people contributing in the seven days after the shooting increased almost 500% from the week before.


Of course, it’s questionable as to what exactly has instigated this increase. The same CNN article only lists NRA outreach and Pres. Donal Trump as possible causes. You know, because it couldn’t possibly be that American’s of all ages still understand and believe in the importance of the Second Amendment.

But as the right to bear arms comes under attack and anti-2A advocates finally admit they are really after a full repeal of the hated right meant to keep government in check at a basic level  — from a former U.S. Supreme Court justice no less — we are seeing Americans throw their support behind the primary organization advocating for that right, rather than the opposite.

There’s nothing a government loves more than the idea of disarming its citizenry. In 2018, at least, we still seem to recognize that fact.


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