Can We Get A Time Machine ASAP? Trump Has Advice For His 25yo Self

We need Back to the Future and Doc Brown to be a real thing like yesterday.

At an event for millennials on Thursday, Pres. Trump was asked what he would tell his 25-year-old self and the answer has me wishing I could live in this alternate universe. I bet it’s nice there.


Trump’s response?

“Don’t run for president.”

Can we…Can we go there? Please?

If there’s anything that says when The Donald decided to make an actual run for the presidency that he didn’t really want it, it’s that statement.

Trump wanted to be the next businessman to have “candidate for president in 2016” on his Wikipedia page, like Morry Taylor, Herman Cain or Ross Perot.

Trump wanted to continue life in his golden tower, launch a Trump television station, continue to tweet out conspiracy theories unchallenged, and make money off of shady business dealings and by ripping off those less well-connected.

But we don’t get that alternate universe. We’re in the one that actually exists and in which we have a national embarrassment for a president.

So, about that time machine…


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