In New Commercial, Tom Steyer Wants To Know Why Trump Is Still President: We Have Answers

Oh, dear. Billionaire left-wing activist Tom Steyer has made a new “Impeach Trump” commercial and this time he wants to know why Donald Trump is still our president.


Steyer’s calm, soft voice belies his hair-on-fire message as he accuses Trump of violations that have not been decided on legally.

It’s amusing how Steyer wants Congress and Republicans, in particular, to “stop playing politics” when that’s all the man does these days.

Why is Donald Trump still our president, Mr. Steyer?

Because Republicans control the House and the Senate. And while it’s fun to sit around and imagine Utopia is possible, it simply is not.

Even if Democrats take over the House of Representatives in the mid-terms, and they decide to initiate an impeachment vote, it would never pass the Senate. There’s a difference between impeachment and an actual removal from office, which has never occurred.

Lastly, Republicans (shockingly) aren’t dumb enough to think if Trump went away, the Left wouldn’t immediately start a new freak out over the fact that a man they think hates anyone who isn’t a straight, white, Christian man — i.e. Mike Pence — assumes his office.

I’ll tell you what, Tom Steyer: Go back to your home in San Francisco and think of a new way to spend your billions. No one, not even your own side, finds you helpful or compelling.


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