Megyn Kelly Joins The ‘Do Something' Crowd, Then Admits She Has No Answers

One of the most frustrating issues that pops up whenever there is another school shooting or any death involving gun violence is the “do something” refrain. When asked what realistic law they would like to have passed that would stop mass shootings, there is inevitably a dearth of responses.


NBC’s Megyn Kelly, who has gone from a news media must-see to almost impossible to watch, gave a monologue of impassioned rage over Wednesday’s massacre and the fact that politicians aren’t doing something.

But, as has become habit with the ‘Do Something’ crowd, Kelly’s speech was a lot of admiring the various problems that perpetuate the instances of the shootings but as far as solutions go, she admits to not having any answers.

Kelly made sure to make time to blame the National Rifle Association for gun violence. Saying, “The NRA is too powerful and politicians are too weak.” Perhaps Ms. Kelly doesn’t know the NRA isn’t the only special interest group with money and influence in politics.

Groups like Everytown, USA and Moms Demand Action spend plenty of money donated to them from billionaires like Mike Bloomberg putting out bogus stats, complete nonsense and promoting fear of people with guns every day.

I understand Megyn Kelly had to say something about yesterday’s shooting, but spending four minutes demanding people and politicians do something without offering one realistic suggestion makes the whole thing a lot of show and does nothing to help solve the problem.


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