Mika Brzezinski’s Faux Outrage At Michael Wolff Was Nowhere To Be Found A Month Ago

Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski threw a snit fit Thursday morning and threw Fire and Fury author, Michael Wolff, unceremoniously off the set after going to an early break. It was certainly something to see.


Mika’s meltdown started when she asked the weasely Wolff about the salacious rumor he floated last week — with absolutely no evidence behind it — that UN Ambassador Nikki Haley slept her way into the positions she’s held. Even with Donald Trump for her current one.

While Brzezinski was right to question Wolff about the rumor and even should’ve taken her chance to berate him a little, that’s not what she did. And it’s definitely not what she or Joe did when they had Wolff on last to discuss the factually challenged tell-all when it came out in January.

During Wolff’s interview on Jan. 8 about the book on Morning Joe, Mika and her co-host-cum-fiancé, Joe Scarborough, lapped up the gossip from Wolff. When they lightly brought up some of the questionable stories and denied quotes (go to 1:25 in the video below), both hosts let Wolff give his nonsense rote response before Mika declared “the spirit of the book is completely true.

Later in the interview (go to 11:43), Joe even asked Wolff — the author of a book with no psychology training whatsoever and not qualified to evaluate anyone’s mental health state — if he thought Trump was mentally stable and capable of being president. Wolff joined Mika and Joe in eschewing decorum and hypothesizing about a politician’s health, saying he thinks the President is a “wingnut.”


So, they accept a writer’s psychological “analysis” to suggest the President is mentally ill but hey…don’t you dare suggest that Trump is dunking his donut in Nikki Haley.

This morning, Joe and Mika once again showed just what weak and incompetent journalists they are by shuffling Wolff off the air when he stumbled over his response and attempt to walk back the rumor about Nikki Haley. In doing so, they missed an opportunity to press Wolff on his lies and expose him on air.

Instead, they did what they always do and ignore their own complicity in legitimizing garbage people — like GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump — until it’s no longer a good look.


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