AUDIO: Donald Trump's Response on Asking Who Acting FBI Director McCabe Voted For Won't Surprise You

Pres. Donald Trump denied asking interim FBI Director Andrew McCabe who he voted for in 2016.

According to a Washington Post report, Trump asked McCabe who he voted for during an introduction at the White House in May.


Trump begged to differ.

“I don’t think so. No. I don’t think I did,” Trump said in response to the question from reporters.

Trump didn’t even think it was a big deal if he had asked McCabe the question.

“I don’t know what’s the big deal with that,” he said. “Because I would ask you, ‘who did you vote for?’ I don’t think it is a big deal. But I don’t remember that. I don’t remember asking him the question.”

A part of me honestly believes Trump doesn’t remember asking the question — or anything he says — or sees any significance to it because he’s a bullshitter.

A bullshitter says whatever seems right for that moment and time. Taking what was said in that moment and being asked about it later, is a completely different remembrance of events and what was said…according to Trump.

That’s being generous.

When people describe Trump as transactional, it’s not just on policy issues. His “I don’t think so” response reflects two things:


1. His inability to tell the truth about interactions with others because he says whatever is on his mind in the moment and can’t be bothered to remember what he said despite supposedly having “the best memory.”

2. His propensity for covering his rear end. “I don’t think so” is not a flat-out denial. Therefore, if evidence surfaces that proves he did ask, he’ll wave it off as something he simply “forgot” and play it off as being nothing but an icebreaker or simply declare it to be “fake news.”

Trump’s ego matches the size of Trump Tower. Knowing how he is and how he views loyalty, the safe bet is to believe he asked the question.


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