This Story Defines the Spirit of Giving During Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving for many. Regardless of the holiday, it’s also a season when bitter cold sets in for those who have no warm home to go to.


Christina Calvo saw just that person as she drove through the snowy streets of Waterbury, Connecticut.

“Can I please give you this coat,” Calvo asked the man, before bundling him up in a brand-new thick, black coat while the man said, “Oh, my God,” over and over in stunned disbelief.

Calvo said she felt compelled the moment she saw the homeless man.

“Immediately my eyes teared up. Nobody should be outside without a coat,” she said.

Of posting the video, Calvo said she wasn’t seeking any personal glory but rather wanted to inspire others to do the same.

“The reason I posted it was because I wanted other people to be inspired to do something nice for somebody,” she said.

A truly wonderful outcome from Christina’s impromptu generosity will benefit at least 500 people, as Burlington Coat Factory said they will donate that number of coats to a charity of Calvo’s choosing.


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