Megyn Kelly Interviewed Three of Trump's Alleged Sexual Harassment Victims, Here's What They Had to Say

Megyn Kelly poses on the set of her new show "Megyn Kelly Today" at NBC Studios on Thursday, Sept, 21, 2017, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Megyn Kelly interviewed three of the women with allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct on her NBC morning show Monday. Rachel Cooks, Jessica Leeds and Samantha Holvey each described their encounters with Trump that left them “confused” and feeling “awful.”


The worst of the three allegations is also the oldest and stems back to a flight in which Jessica Leeds says she sat next to Trump in the 1970’s. Following the meal service, Leeds said Trump began to grope her and kiss her, but when his hand started going up her skirt she managed to get away.

Leeds said years later in the 1980’s she had another encounter where she ran into Trump at a charity fashion gala where he recognized her and proceeded to call her the C-word.

Rachel Cooks, who worked in Trump Tower, recounted introducing herself to Trump and how the encounter ended up with Trump continually kissing her. Finally, kissing her on the lips, leaving her shaken. “He held onto my hand and he kept kissing me,” Cooks said.

Cooks also said Trump later asked for her phone number under the guise of giving it to a modeling agency. She said she felt uncomfortable, but made the point that she felt how many young women do in such situations, not wanting to come off as unpleasant by saying no and feeling like she didn’t really have a choice but to comply.

She said she gave her number to Trump but never heard from anyone.

The third accuser, Samantha Holvey, is a former Miss North Carolina and recounted her experience at the Miss USA pageant in 2006. She’s previously stated Trump would inspect each woman and today said the way he looked at her made her feel “like a piece of meat.”


Holvey, who at the time was a 20-year-old student at a private Southern Baptist college, also said she saw Trump walk into the wardrobe area where women were getting dressed and where she says only the contestants and their female assistants were allowed.

This behavior sounds familiar as it’s what Trump joked about doing with Billy Bush on the infamous Access Hollywood tape that led to Bush’s firing.

Holvey told Kelly at the beginning of the interview that each of the women just wanted to try again to let people know how Trump has treated women and how he views them in their experiences with him.

One can only hope it matters in the future, even if we have to accept the man is President of the United States until at least 2020. If nothing else their stories are a reminder of something a lot of us already knew, Trump is not a man of great moral character.


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