Trump Tweets Matter: Britain's House of Commons Raises Point of Order Over Early Morning Tweet

Throughout Donald Trump’s candidacy and subsequent presidency, many have argued over whether or not Trump’s tweets matter.

As the White House has since declared tweets from both @RealDonaldJTrump and the official @POTUS account are official statements from the president, it should be clear to anyone that his tweets do matter.


And they clearly matter and are a point of concern to our closest ally, particularly in light of an early morning retweet from the President of a Britain First leader, which my colleague, Neil Stevens, covered earlier.

Members of Britain’s House of Commons raised a point of order on Wednesday in outrage over Trump giving such a “massive platform” to a woman convicted of hate speech in Britain.

The Home Secretary has so far declined to comment on Trump’s tweet.

Commentary’s Noah Rothman summed up the incident well in a single sentence on Twitter.

“Hey this is great. An international incident with our closest geostrategic ally. Just keep telling yourself Trump’s tweets don’t matter.”

Indeed. Unfortunately, as we’ve learned in the past two years, there’s little anyone can do about the President of the United States’ use of his personal account short of Twitter deciding to shut down his account, and that has almost no chance of happening.


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