Congressional Hispanic Caucus Bars Republican From Joining

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus voted to keep Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo from joining the all-Democrat organization last week and many in the Hispanic community are crying foul, as they should.


Curbelo took to Twitter to vent his irritation and frustration with the group’s bigoted vote.

ABC and CNN political commentator Ana Navarro joined in tweeting her dismay at the vote:

And attorney and CNN contributor, Raul Reyes, wrote at The Hill:

This whole episode makes everyone involved look partisan and petty. By keeping Curbelo out, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus appears to be acting in its own interests, rather than those of Hispanic Americans. This is a sad example of how infighting among Latinos keeps our community from moving forward together.

Curbelo notes that Hispanic Republicans in Congress left the CHC in 2003 and created the Congressional Hispanic Conference. However, he’s correct that this kind of thing makes everyone look petty and small.


Particularly in light of Curbelo’s moderate Republican views.

In some respects, Curbelo is not your typical Republican. He has advocated on behalf of undocumented immigrant youth and recipients of Temporary Protected Status. He believes in climate change, and co-founded the House Climate Solutions Caucus. He says he was the firstRepublican lawmaker to publicly discuss impeaching President Trump. He has applauded the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The business of segregating along racial lines in Congress is a truly bizarre thing in 2017. But, I get it. Identity politics have been foisted upon us as the gains of the Civil Rights Movement fade from memory.

One can only wish more congressmen and women would join Sen. Tim Scott (R – S.C.), one of two African American senators, and choose to not join such antiquated organizations that only serve to divide and keep members of Congress from working together based purely on race.


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