Read Harvey Weinstein's Pathetic Letter Begging for His Job

(Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)

Harvey Weinstein was fired from his company on Sunday. But before that happened, he sent at least one email — I’d imagine there were many of the same — begging for support from an unnamed individual in a position to protect his job.


Weinstein clearly thought he could do what Hollywood and politicians always do. Lie low and wait out the storm.

Apparently, Weinstein couldn’t drum up enough support to save himself from getting the axe. Hopefully, he still decides to get help because he wants to and not simply as a ploy to save his status in Hollywood and the privilege it’s afforded him.

The fact remains Weinstein was allowed to harass women continuously for decades. Hollywood wasn’t upset when they knew, they’re upset now that we know.


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