BREAKING: Schumer, Pelosi and Trump Make A Deal; Ben Sasse Says, "Not So Fast"

Sen. Ben Sasse (R – Neb.) released a statement on Thursday saying he will introduce an amendment to pass the same clean relief bill passed in the House, effectively rejecting yesterday’s deal President Trump made with Democratic leadership.


Yesterday, Sasse’s immediate response was short and to the point, “The Pelosi-Schumer-Trump deal is bad,” he tweeted.

Today’s released statement said,

“Yesterday we saw Wahington’s swamp continue to rise: Chuck Schumer wrote the art of the steal by taking hurricane relief hostage to guarantee a December showdown that favors Democratic spending priorities. Republicans should reject Schumer’s deal and instead pass the same clean aid package for Harvey victims that the House passed yesterday. My legislation would let Congress send a disaster relief bill to the President’s desk so we can help Americans in need right now and then get to work tackling the disorder in our fiscal house.”


Trump’s deal siding with Democrats sent shock waves through the Republican Party over the past 24-hours. The deal particularly flew in the face of heated remarks made by House Speaker Paul Ryan over the idea that Democrats were pushing to attach a debt limit hike and clearing a path for a fiscal cliff debacle in just three months.



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