Ted Cruz and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Stress Bi-Partisanship in Wake of Disaster

Throughout the aftermath and ongoing destruction from Hurricane Harvey, bi-partisanship has been the order of recent days.

At a shelter in Houston, Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Republican Senator Ted Cruz held a short joint press conference to send a message of unity to residents and the world that there’s no time for politics during a disaster.


Cruz’s message focused on the heroism and strength of all Texans and assuring Houstonians their area will be rebuilt.

Jackson Lee said Speaker Ryan had been in contact with her and offered support and a willingness to get federal funds passed to help rebuild devastated areas.

“There will not be one light of difference,” Jackson Lee said of what Speaker Ryan told her. “There will be some talking points, I’m sure. But there will not be one light of difference in getting the funding we need.”

It’s nice to see those on the ground and closest to those affected by the storm are able to keep unity in mind and eschew political divides, even if those outside of Texas, on both sides, can’t seem to help themselves.


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