Shocker: Trump Hits New Low in the Polls

Turns out a week of saber rattling at North Korea, followed by a weekend of missteps over his tepid equivocating comments about the white supremacist rally that turned violent, did President Trump no favors with the American people.


According to Gallup’s daily tracking, Trump hit a new low of 34 percent approval for the three-day period of Friday through Sunday. His disapproval sits currently at 61 percent, which means he is under water by 27 points just 206 days into his term.

Trump’s base in the Republican Party dipped in approval of the job he’s doing from 79 percent for the week ending August 13 to 77 percent approval in the Friday through Sunday poll. Independents for the first time dropped below 30 percent approval and Democrats came in at a whopping 7 percent.

This all indicates the divide in support between party affiliation and the president’s job approval is remaining steady, but Trump is losing the confidence of an ever-increasing number of Americans. Yay us.


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