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Story links below.

Always Classy: Must Read Statement From President Bush On Senator John McCain by Susan Wright

No, Susan Rice Did Not Refuse To Testify Before House Intel (Let’s Calm Down, Folks) by Susan Wright

This Means WAR: The ObamaCare Betrayal By Senators Capito And Murkowski Can Never Be Forgotten Or Forgiven by Patterico

I’m Tired Of Not Being Tired Of Winning, Mr. President by Josh Kimbrell

Jane, You Got Some Splainin’ To Do by Sarah Lee

Women’s March Shoots Themselves In The Foot Supporting A Murderer by Brad Slager

President Donald Trump At Six Months: A Failure Of Leadership by Jay Caruso

If You Don’t Want Your Kids Snatched Away By The Government, Your IQ Better Be High Enough by Andrea Ruth

NEVERMIND: Sean Hannity Won’t Be Receiving Media Excellence Award, After All by Susan Wright

Republicans Need To Go On The Record About Trump’s Mueller Comments by Jay Caruso

Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner Considering New Identity As U.S. Senator by Kimberly Ross

Spare Me The Whining About Being Called “Fake News” by Joe Cunningham


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