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Story links below:

Public Sector Union Files Grievance Against A Herd Of Goats For Taking Away Their Jobs by Jim Jamitis

Should Ladies Cover Their Shoulders In The Halls Of Congress? by Sarah Lee

Please Pay No Attention To The Fires Raging All Around You, Thanks! by Caleb Howe

Some on the Alt-Right Want to Rebrand Themselves; They are Still the Same Frauds by Jay Caruso

Cops at Trump Tower Arrest Armed Man Claiming to be U.S. Senator Meeting With Ivanka by Jim Jamitis

CNN Employees are Being Harassed, Receiving Death Threats by Susan Wright

Dear GOP: Loyalty Should Be to Principles, Not People by Kimberly Ross

The Charlie Gard Case Is Not About His Medical Prognosis, So Stop Pretending It Is by Kira Davis

Democrats in Oregon Prove Yet Again They Are the Party of Death by Teri Christoph


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