Marco Rubio Tried To Hug Ivanka Trump and It Set Off An Internal Investigation

If there’s one thing similar between the ladies Trump it’s that they all have a rather aloof demeanor. This, along with a still camera shot’s ability to make any fleeting moment embarrassing, made a hug hello between Senator Marco Rubio and First Daughter Ivanka Trump look painfully awkward.


And the internet couldn’t let the moment pass unnoticed.

The Senator left the meeting to find out his hug fail was “blowing up Twitter” and promptly launched an investigation in the interest of vindicating himself as not being an awkward greeter.


As with any good congressional probe, Rubio sought additional evidence.

And unofficially subpoenaed anyone present at the time of the embrace in question.

Finally, evidence came to light showing a slightly less awkward moment. Slightly.


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