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Story links below:

Ivanka Can’t Complain About A Political Environment Her Father Helped To Foster by Jay Caruso

How Marco Gutted Obama’s Cuba Policy by Streiff

Be Careful When Placing Blame For Today’s Shooting On Anyone But the Perpetrator by Jim Jamitis

There’s Something About Jeff… by Susie Moore

New York Times Resurrects Ugly Lie from 2011 in Editorial About Stephen Scalise Shooting by Joe Cunningham

Thanks, Obama: Oodles of Taxpayer Money Erroneously Paid to Doctors as Part of Stimulus by Teri Christoph

Trump Wasn’t Under Investigation – Until He Was: Obstruction Of Justice Investigation Under Way by Susan Wright

Bad Communication Is Not Criminal: What President Trump Should Do To Move Beyond Comey by Josh Kimbrel

FEELINGS FIRST: Oregon Adds Third Gender Option To ID Documents by Kimberly Ross

Illegals Foregoing Food Stamps Over Deportation Fears by Kira Davis

Poor Ben Sasse Gets Pranked With The Nickelback Email List by Susan Wright

Alex Jones Follows Through On Threat He Made To Megyn Kelly by Andrea Ruth

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