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Story links below:

The Annual Global Peace Report Is Out, And Here Is Where We Rank by Susan Wright

Obamacare Is About To Implode All Over The State Of Ohio by Teri Christoph

Guess Which Republican Star Loves Ivanka Trump’s Federally Mandated Family Leave Idea by Jim Jamitis

Trump Changes Course On Qatar by Dan Spencer

Carly Fiorina Says What We Should All Be Thinking About President Trump by Kimberly Ross

Bernie Sanders Decides That Being An Actual Christian Disqualifies You From Office (VIDEO) by Streiff

Winners Losers James Comey’s Testimony by Jay Caruso

A Tale of Two Comeys by Joe Cunningham 

CNN ‘Journalist’ Who Once Ate Human Brain Calls Trump A Very Bad Name by Teri Christoph

President Trump’s Radioactive Twitter Proves Why He Needs Republican Critics by Caleb Howe

Trump Should Not Have Walked Away From Paris Accord — He Should Have Run Away by Brad Slager

Nikki Haley to UN: I Don’t Think Human Rights Means What You Think It Means by Sarah Lee

The Looming Threat: Homegrown Islamic Terrorism by Jay Caruso

A MUST READ: Mike Lee’s “Written Out Of History” Reminds Us Small Government Is Not a New Idea by Joe Cunningham



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