Fearless Girl Statue Gets More Ridiculous Adornments, Including A Burqa

In this March 23, 2017 photo, a woman poses with the Fearless Girl statue in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

The fawning over a piece of advertising from the world’s third-largest wealth management firm has been worthy of an eye roll since the Fearless Girl statue was put in place several months ago.


It’s since become a regaled feminist idol for people to take photos with and become outraged over if another artist adds a urinating pug near the 50″ girl. An ironic protest piece as Fearless Girl was originally placed in opposition to Manhattan’s iconic Charging Bull.

A new adornment has been added in the wake of another fictional feminist character, Wonder Woman. And, of course, the people who hated the dog are now loving the addition of Wonder Woman’s headpiece.

However, that wasn’t the only new article Fearless Girl wore recently.

On Saturday, during the Act for America “Anti-Sharia Law” march in New York City, Rebel Media journalist, Laura Loomer, created a small controversy when adding an additional item to the Fearless Girl to make a point. She draped a black burqa over the statue, which the opposing protesters immediately tried to take off.


There’s precious little more tedious and trivial than this stupid piece of advertising, which literally does nothing positive for women or the feminists who idolize it.


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