Church Shooter Dylann Roof's Truly Nutso Reason To Exhaust Appeals

After murdering nine churchgoers in June 2015, no one thought self-avowed white supremacist Dylann Roof was a rational human being. His latest antics with his appeals since being sentenced to death confirm it.


Roof, after a lengthy period of to determine his mental competency to be tried in court, represented himself during his murder trial. An act that attorneys tried to talk him out of, but he nonetheless persevered and currently resides on death row at a federal prison in Terre Haute, Ind.

Roof, for all intents and purposes, seemed bound and determined to be put to death for his crimes.

Now, we find out that the evil little cretin plans to exhaust his appeals. Has he seemingly found a love for his life and is sorry he murdered nine innocent Christians? Nope.

He believes that given enough time, his crimes will ultimately be the thing that will put him in a position of power when white supremacists take over the United States in the coming years.

From ABC News:

According to recently released transcripts of hearings to determine his competency to stand trial, Roof told his lawyers that he’d go through the appellate process to drag his case out as long as he could.

With the passage of time, Roof said, he expected white supremacists to take over the U.S. within several years, pardon him for the killings and make him governor of South Carolina.

“He has no intention of waiving his appeals because this will give enough time for the world to turn upside down,” defense attorney David Bruck said, according to a court transcript.


Roof’s reasons for killing a peaceful group of black churchgoers always seemed fairly grandiose and delusional. Now we know why. Because they are. They’re also evil and truly depraved.

Roof’s initial appeal was given short shrift by the federal appeals court.

Roof argued that his crime didn’t fit the definition of interstate commerce needed to make a federal case because he bought the gun and bullets in South Carolina and did not travel out-of-state to the church.

U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel ruled that Roof had used a telephone to call the church, GPS to find it and that the bullets and gun were manufactured in a different state.

As an American citizen, Roof is entitled to his appeals like everyone else. And while a lot of Americans argue back and forth with others and themselves over whether the death penalty ought to be legal (myself included), it is legal. And who is the death penalty meant for if not confessed, cold-blooded murderers who have no remorse?

That being said, one can only hope he blows through his appeals quickly.


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