House Set To Vote Thursday On Health Care Bill

The House announced Wednesday evening that it will vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) on Thursday. Such a step indicates that Republicans have the votes needed to pass the bill that was pulled in March after a decided lack of support from conservative and moderates in the Republican caucus. No Democrats are expected to vote for the new health care bill.


The AHCA was reintroduced last month with changes that were clearly meant to assuage the conservative House Freedom Caucus.

Two main things the HFC wanted to see that would mean real reductions in premiums for Americans were changes on the issue of pre-existing conditions — a topic I wrote about earlier today — and the essential health benefits provision, which requires things like maternity care be included in all health insurance plans, including those for men.

The revised ACHA scared off many moderates but after another revision mid-week that would provide $8 billion over five years toward assisting those in the slim percentage of Americans with pre-existing conditions who might be denied coverage, it seems the Republicans have the votes they need to send the AHCA to the Senate.


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