Gender-hating Feminists Are Traumatized By Children's Birthday Cards

When the things that get you outraged are indistinguishable from parody it might be time to reassess your worldview.

Enter the new hotness. The segregation of blue and pink children’s birthday cards in blatant display of acceptance of gender stereotypes is now “depressing.”


That’s right. Feminists are narrowing their eyes at retailers who dare to color coordinate their shelves.

See that? Shades of blue on one side and shades of pink on the other. It’s downright shameful to people with nothing better to do than notice card color placement as they walk down the paper aisle. The retailer could’ve inter-mixed the same cards and would that have registered on Ms. Cross’s radar?

Of course, it’s worth noting that the signage above the racks simply says “children’s.” Whether one color is for a girl and the other for a boy is mostly in the eye of the beholder.


Blaming the retailer for the colors and gender specificity thereof, which is determined by the card maker, is an utterly senseless point to take to Twitter and attempt to shame them over.

Of course, proven good retail marketing practices are nothing to feminists when juxtaposed to the oppressive and offensive gender stereotype of blue for boys, pink for girls.

On the positive side, we must be all out of problems if something like this is hitting people’s “depression-o-meter,” right?


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