Without Realizing It, Leftists Engage In The Conservative Idea of Charity

A new bar in New York City is 100 percent not-for-profit and all the money is going to charity. Coup, which opened Friday, will be giving all of its proceeds to causes not supported by the Trump administration, and ostensibly the Republican-controlled Congress.


The founder, restauranteur Ravi DeRossi, explains his idea for the bar as pro-charity in response to the Trump administration.

“The way we define ourselves is: we’re not an anti-Trump bar, we’re just a pro-charity bar and the charities we happen to be working with right now are organizations that need money right now to fight this current administration or are being defunded.”

As a conservative, I wholeheartedly endorse this newfound love of charity on the left.

Of course, charity isn’t just a conservative value. However, the concept of taxes not being charity is. Leftists tend to view one of the government’s major role as being responsible to reduce income inequality. That your taxes to the government ought to take care of the poor and needy rather than private organizations.

President Obama throughout his presidency offered budgets slashing write-offs for charitable giving. An act, which if passed, would likely reduce charitable giving by no small margin. Taxes, on the other hand, were ever increasing for anyone daring to do well.


Conservatives believe exactly the opposite. Government’s role is much more limited and social programs are best left to the community and issue-driven organizations that are funded largely, if not completely, by charitable giving.

A bar that gives to causes we support respectively and not expecting taxpayers to foot the bill for every niche issue is a concept both conservatives and leftists can agree on.


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