New Poll: Trump Wins Approval On Syria Strike, Not Much Else

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll released Monday afternoon shows the tiniest of wins for President Trump. Fifty-one percent of Americans say they support the administration’s missile strike in Syria last week…but not much else.

While 40 percent of respondents said they were against the airstrike and the rest were undecided, confidence in Trump’s ability to manage the situation well moving forward was a wash with those who said it made them less confident. For the most part, with a plurality of 43 percent, the strikes made no difference in American’s confidence in Trump.

Trump garnering 51 percent approval is notable as his low numbers have been remarkable in the reverse recently. However, while most Americans approve of the initial strike, the poll found that 59 percent of Americans are concerned about U.S. relations worsening with Russia because of the strike.

The one thing it seems most Americans do agree on regardless of party affiliation is the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power; Two-thirds of Republicans support such a policy, as do 52 percent of Democrats, and 47 percent of independents.

Regime change sounds good, but is always a tricky business and has a history of never turning out as planned. Assad must go, but how and by whom is seemingly up to a 5-year-old with an itchy Twitter finger, and that leaves no one comfortable.

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