Trump Tweets 11th Hour Low Blow At Freedom Caucus Over AHCA

And now we know what Trump’s angle will be should the American Health Care Act — a disgrace of a repeal and replacement of Obamacare — fail.


I can hear it now. “He says he’s pro-life, but he voted against defunding Planned Parenthood! Argle bargle!

The House Freedom Caucus is very pro-life and defunding Planned Parenthood is definitely one of the things that is a priority for the group. But, jumping on board for a bill that is more of the same in regards to Obamacare, and is expected to be equally as bad, simply to defund Planned Parenthood is imprudent.

Let’s be clear here, the AHCA is not going to put an end to the abortion industry and the AHCA is not the only chance conservatives will have to defund Planned Parenthood.

Holding the HFC up as “not so pro-life after all” because they won’t vote for his stupid bill is a cheap shot and a low blow. But then this is Trump, expecting more would be foolhardy.


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