Trump Gets Schizophrenic On Obamacare Replacement

Is Obamacare healthy enough to repair or is it in hospice waiting to die under the weight of its own toxicity?

Don’t ask President Trump, he’ll tell you what every huckster ever has told those he’s attempting to sell his whiz-bang crack of a new product. In this case, “The World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017.”

Trump told the room, including media, at the White House on Monday that he tells “[Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom] Price, [House Speaker, Paul] Ryan that the best thing  you could do is wait a year, because [Obamacare] is going to blow itself off the map.”

This is one of those moments one feels compelled to speak very slowly when pointing out that this is the reason why a full repeal is necessary for something that is so untenable it couldn’t last a full five years, even without implementing its business crushing employer mandate.

Of course, the president did add that doing so is “the wrong thing to do.” But when the American Healthcare Act fails, either in Congress or because it’s a bad plan, and follows its predecessor to the morgue, he’ll be able to say, “Not my fault! I told them to wait a year!”

Rushing a replacement to Obamacare before prioritizing a full repeal is setting the Republicans up for being to blame for every person who has a negative encounter with an insurance company or medical professional. Even without a single Republican voting the “Affordable Care Act” in, they were still at times made the whipping boy for why it failed by the Democrats and the media.

Trump is talking out of both sides of his mouth when he says that the AHCA will be the greatest healthcare system ever and everyone will be happy with it, while at the same time agreeing that it’s a system so irreparably flawed it’s knocking on Death’s door.

The Freedom Caucus and other conservative organizations remain adamant that the bill is unacceptable as is and will not pass without changes. Of course, Trump will put all failure on everyone but himself and those who presented an unworkable option as much for conservatives as it is for Democrats.

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