This Hate Crime Suspect Must Be Found Before Another Person Laughs

Once again women were mocked and derided on an American university campus last week. This kind of “joke” making really must stop. When will women in America be able to walk around their schools without immediately being molested and eye-raped by men? And let’s be honest, the worst ones are always white, amirite, Ladies?


Last Wednesday, when women everywhere were hoping to celebrate the one day a year that is dedicated to us by sitting on our duffs and skipping work and protesting with our carefully made vagina gear, who was out putting up jokes?

This guy.

That’s right. This man is now on a wanted list for the hate crime he perpetrated against all womankind.

Can you even imagine what kind of sick mind comes up with this kind of misogynist garbage?

So, you know what? I hope the campus police at American University find this man.

And when they do, I’m going to request that they do something that might go against their ethics of what they can do to monsters like this. But as a woman, I feel I have every right to demand my piece of flesh for being attacked in such an egregious manner.


I want them to give this guy my phone number and ask him what kind of sandwich he wants because he’s kind of cute, is a sharp dresser and obviously has a great sense of humor.

Investigating a joke that is a common internet meme as a “hate crime” is utterly ridiculous. It makes me truly feel sorry for the people who have been actual victims of crimes for being lumped in with the cry babies who find this kind of thing offensive. Get over yourselves, realize your value isn’t determined by what’s written on a poster and get on with your lives.

And, by the way, it’s “make me a sammich.”


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