It's 'For the Children': N.C. School District Shuts Down for 'A Day Without Women' Protest

Oh, this is rich. The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School has declared Wednesday, March 8th, an optional work day.

According to the district, a “significant” number of teachers and staff indicated they would not be coming into work on International Women’s Day — also being used as “A Day Without Women” protest day.


In other words, the district will be closed for students — and parents need to find alternatives or stay home themselves — so these educators can protest…something.

It’s for student safety, obviously.

The statement said the move isn’t political, but instead involves student safety and the inability to operate with a high number of staff absences.

Right. It’s not political at all.

Except that those teachers and staff are participating in an overt left-wing agenda day of protest at the expense of taxpayers and the children in the community.

This is truly, utterly ridiculous.

The fact that these public employees can simply announce they’re not coming into work for no other reason than to protest nothing — honestly, where are the rhetorical bodies? — without fear of losing their jobs is a simple example of how dumb public sector unions really are.

Never again should anyone operate under the assumption that those in charge of educating children in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City area are acting in the best interests of the children they teach and not their own political self-interest.


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