Sheriff Clarke Isn’t Running for Senate. Now, Can We Please Stop Drafting Loudmouths?

According to Fox 6 News Milwaukee, Sheriff David Clarke will not be challenging Democratic U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin for the seat in 2018.

“I have no interest in running for elected office other than being sheriff,” Sheriff Clarke says in his new book, Cop Under Fire. Thus ending a much talked about possibility from last week’s CPAC 2017, where he graced the stage more than once.


It’s honestly no big shock that the sheriff would choose to remain in his post. He currently enjoys being a darling of the right and Fox News, even though he runs as a Democrat in Milwaukee. Putting on our thinking caps for a moment, one could argue this might be why Clarke would choose not to run against Baldwin, a fellow Democrat.

What this push to “draft Sheriff Clarke” is indicative of is the Right’s silly compulsion of taking people who said one thing they liked and elevating them to the point that they believe the person would be a good representative for them in elected office.


Just because the man wears a cowboy hat and supports the police (he came to prominence for a rant he did against Black Lives Matter) does not a conservative or Republican make, let alone a good legislator or executive.

The most recent perfect example of how poorly this kind of “conservative” celebrity-making and drafting is Dr. Ben Carson, now Donald Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Dr. Carson made one speech criticizing Obamacare at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013 where President Obama was sitting mere feet away and suddenly he was the be all and end all of potential 2016 contenders. For years, anyone listening to talk radio was subjected to “Paging Dr. Cason” commercials.


Carson proved to be one of the weakest presidential candidates and showed that just being smart and outspoken does not mean you will be a winning candidate or suited to the role of elected official.

Republicans need to stop with the thinking that their best firebrand, media-savvy talking heads would necessarily be their best representatives in government.

We need more people like Mike Lee and Ben Sasse. Less like Sheriff Clarke.


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