Chelsea Clinton's New 'Spicy, Sarcastic Online Personality' Is Boring and Dumb

Hillary Clinton’s loss last November was shocking to many on the left and right, but seemingly none more than the Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea. Indeed, she’s had nothing short of a personality transplant on  social media since election night.


And, guess what? It’s just as lame and contrived as her old persona. She’s gone from largely staying quiet on politics to taking on the Trump administration and the president himself with what publications like Politico have termed “spicy and sarcastic.”

So clever and snarky. Except not very. If someone was making a Twitter feed with stereotypical left wing comments, it would be identical to Chelsea Clinton’s. A dearth of original thought or wit of any kind. Truly her mother’s daughter.

Of course, being a consummate Clinton, there’s always the need to stay in the spotlight, even if only in the periphery.

Other Clinton insiders, however, interpreted her move more cynically as an attempt to remain relevant — part of the family DNA that makes the Clintons unable to ever leave the stage completely.

She now also often retweets or interacts with journalists online — the very members of the fourth estate she ignored, looked through, and, for the most part, declined to speak with through her mother’s two presidential bids. She declined to comment for this article.


The youngest Clinton hasn’t ruled out a possible run for office. But, dear Lord, I cannot think of why one single American would vote for her. A First Daughter who has had essentially one job outside of working for her parent’s foundation, as an NBC contributor which she made a six figure salary for little searchable work.

During the 2016 election cycle, Clinton did some stumping for her mother, but largely fell flat as a surrogate. She tried to affect the attitude of a First Child who still should enjoy deference from the media as such. However, she failed to realize as she entered into politics those questions that were off limits when she was younger were now ready fare.

Clinton has picked up on one issue that seems like something she should definitely focus her life and career towards: Pluto being reclassified as a planet.

And that is the only thing that makes her mildly amusing.


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