Tiffany Trump was targeted at NYC fashion show, but one celebrity is reaching out with kindness

It’s okay to hate that Donald J. Trump is currently in the White House. What is not okay is being hurtful towards his family who have not involved themselves in his politics, namely his youngest son, Barron, and youngest daughter, Tiffany.


Apparently, the same people who have made the definition of bullying  fluid and petty are perfectly fine with engaging in veritable middle school “mean girl” bullying tactics at New York City’s Fashion Week shows.

While it was later reported that Miss Trump wasn’t alone for long, the women who moved away from her did so because they didn’t want to sit next to her or end up in photographs with the daughter of Donald Trump.

“She was surrounded by photographers, and the two women who moved were leaning away — they clearly didn’t want to be in those photographs,” says Binkley, who was seated a few seats down from the first daughter.


Regardless, one co-host of ABC’s The View — not exactly a Republican friendly place — is reaching out to Tiffany Trump and offering to sit by her at the next fashion show.


It’s nice to know that there are still some who can see the intolerance and bullying that the people who moved out of their seats because they just couldn’t stand sitting next to a Trump.

Tiffany Trump responded via Twitter with a happy acceptance of the offer.



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