NYC Moms Think Mingling with Trump's Grandchild will Infect Them

The pre-school scene in New York City is known for being pretty cutthroat. But what happens when your kid gets accepted to the same school as the literal spawn of Satan? It’s time for some deep soul searching with your besties on an online message board, that’s for sure.


This recounting from Page Six is truly ridiculous at best and downright bigoted and nasty at worst.

Upper East Side moms are having a spirited online debate over whether to boycott a school where a grandchild of President Trump is a student.

One of the anonymous contributors to said her son had gotten into Buckley [School], but she didn’t want to send him there because a son of Donald Trump Jr.’s (likely 4-year-old Spencer Frederick) is said to be going to kindergarten there in the fall.

“They will be in the same classroom and I don’t think I can deal with this. Birthday parties, etc.,” the mother wrote.
Another mom replied: “It’s an innocent kid. It’s not like he can help the family he was born into. The hate must run really deep with you.”

A third mother wrote: “You almost have to decline. It sounds like it will drive you crazy . . . You want to spend nine years worried that DS [darling son] is getting infected with Trumpism?”


The other mothers are correct, that mother should absolutely decline to send her child to that school, but not because of the Trump’s. The Trump’s and all the other children and families involved with the school don’t deserve to be put through her nonsense.

I honestly feel sorry for this woman’s “DS” for being raised by a woman who cannot put aside politics and personal feelings long enough to possibly have a little boy with what she perceives as the wrong last name at her child’s hypothetical birthday parties.


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