Example of What Marco Rubio Warned About: S. African parliament descends into violent chaos

This is what happens when your system of government allows one party to hold power for more than two decades.

South Arica’s African National Congress (ANC) and its long-sitting president, Jacob Zuma, have been in power since the end of apartheid in 1993. Zuma has been proven to be corrupt and faced several no-confidence votes, but has remained.


The clash broke out over Zuma’s presence and intention of giving a State of the Nation address to Parliament.

“Mr. Zuma please leave! Please, Baba. You do not belong here. You are a contitutional delinquent,” Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) member, Mbuyiseni Ndlosi, pleads shortly before the brawling breaks out.

Such clashes over Zuma’s presence in Parliament have happened in prior years, but the A.N.C. has such a power disparity that his removal, despite his corruption, has not been forced.

Props to the EFF faction who are standing up to President Zuma and the A.N.C..

Such events call to mind the truth of what Sen. Marco Rubio said on the floor of the Senate earlier this week about the uniqueness and importance of decorum in the staid deliberative body of the Unites State’s upper house.


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