Carly Confirms It! Fiorina looking to challenge Virginia Senator Tim Kaine

Carly Fiorina confirmed during a radio interview on Wednesday that she is considering a run against sitting Virginia Senator and former Hillary Clinton running mate, Tim Kaine, next year.


“I’m certainly looking at that opportunity,” she told host John Fredericks on Tuesday about a Senate bid. “It’s a little early to be making that decision.”

It’s been a a year of change for Fiorina, who ended her run for the Republican presidential nomination last February and eventually signed on as Sen. Ted Cruz’s running mate until Donald Trump clinched the necessary Republican delegates. Later in 2016 her name was floated as the possible G.O.P. chair, but Michigan Republican Party Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel received the position.

Fiorina knows besting Tim Kaine in Virginia would be an uphill battle in light of the fact that while considered a purple state, all five statewide officeholders are Democrats. It’s also the only southern state Hillary Clinton won during the general election.

“We [Republicans] should be realistic that is going to be a very, very tough race,” said the former Hewlett Packard chief executive. “Virginia is a purple state. Virginia has two Democratic senators. The Democratic Party is going to throw everything they have at defending Tim Kaine’s seat.”

This news will be sure to rally many outside Virginia, as well as Republicans within the state, who see her as a strong female Republican leader even though she’s never been elected to office as such.



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