Whoa! Senate Bars Elizabeth Warren from Speaking on Sessions Confirmation (Video)

Senator Elizabeth Warren was reprimanded by fed up Republicans Tuesday night and will not be allowed to speak or debate during Senator Jeff Sessions confirmation vote.


Senator Warren (D-MA) was censured because she, in the words of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, “…impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from Alabama.” Despite being warned, Warren persisted. A vote was held and broke along party lines, with Warren being silenced with a 49-43 result.

Such an event was able to occur because the nominee for attorney general is sitting Senator Jeff Sessions, and senate rules state that no senator may question the conduct of another.

The conflict arose when Senator Warren began reading a letter from the wife of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


***Update: This post originally said Senator Warren was not allowed to vote on Sessions confirmation. The senator may vote, but is barred from speaking or debating further.



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