Primetime Finale: Supreme Court Finalists Headed to D.C.

Would you expect anything less from out Entertainer-in-Chief than Survivor-style speculation over who will be announced as the winner on President Trump’s primetime Supreme Court pick unveiling episode Tuesday night? Well, the president and media have not disappointed.


From CNN:

The two judges who have been considered the top finalists to be President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court — Neil Gorsuch and Thomas Hardiman — are being brought to Washington ahead of tonight’s White House announcement, sources tell CNN.

The big reveal is still anyone’s guess. But, according to CNN sources, Judge Neil Gorsuch — seen as the easier of the two finalists to get through confirmation — was told he was most likely the nominee. However, if there’s anything we know about Donald Trump it’s that he will say anything to gin up speculation and drive up hs beloved ratings.

Of course, the downside to Trump doing this is allowing the media, which has had a notoriously combative relationship with Trump, to dig and drum up the talking points and scare tactics to use on whoever the nominee is.


Incidentally, CNN’s Jake Tapper will be holding a townhall-style interview with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi following the announcement. One can be sure Tapper will be asking Pelosi, while not a member of the Senate, what she thinks the Senate Democrats will do or how they’ll respond to whoever the president ultimately nominates tonight.

One does wonder what the runner-up prize will be for the loser.


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