Video: Anti-Trump Protester Compares Temporary Freeze to Holocaust

Alarmism and crying wolf is a fast way to get people to tune out your protestations. One would think that both sides of the political spectrum would realize this, but, alas, bandwagon alarmism mixed with a lack of depth of historical events leads people right over the figurative cliff of poor comparisons.


On Monday, protesters gathered at the Detroit Metro Airport to protest President Trump’s temporary ban on citizens from seven majority Muslim countries. Unsurprisingly, a Holocaust reference was made comparing the intentional murder of millions to a months-long temporary ban.


The woman states, “We’ve got to step up. Everyone says ‘I wonder what I would have done if I was around when the Holocaust was going on’ and this is the time to know.”

Well, sure. Everyone likely does wonder that at some point when they learn or think about the 1930’s and 40’s, but comparing Trump’s tempoaray ban to those kinds of atrocities. To a world at war. To citizens being rounded up and systematically exterminated by their governments.

Bashar Assad and IS have a lot to answer for, but comparing today to the Holocaust is alarmism and ignorant. It ultimately makes people not hear the argument or see those protesting as people who are interested in reason and facts.



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