Celebrities, Dems Plan 'Massive' Protest Against Trump in NYC

Celebrities are ticked that Donald Trump is going to be the president after Friday. And they will not stop with the foot stomping, holding-their-breath-until-they-pass-out, stroppy whine fest about it.


Now, they’re leaving their YouTube videos behind and taking to the streets of New York this week.

Massive. I’m sure it will be. As we’ve seen from the election of Donald Trump, if you’re famous you can pull in quite the crowd. Whether or not that crowd has a coherent thought between them still remains questionable.

Of course, they can have their march without fear of retribution, and Donald Trump will still be president come Friday.

It’d be nice if those of us who didn’t vote for Donald Trump could get to the Nicole Kidman level of maturity on this topic and accept it and get to work on things that we can effect change on despite Trump being president.


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