Disgusting. Black-ish Actress Says She Wants to Hock Jewelry from Golden Globes and Give Money to Planned Parenthood

Hollywood awards shows are the times when actors and actresses are dressed to the nines in borrowed clothes and jewelry from designers. The jewelry alone often runs into the hundreds of thousands to millions, leaving some to think about what they’d do with the money if they simply took off with the jewels.


Tracee Ellis-Ross, who won a Golden Globe for her role in the series Black-ish, told People Magazine what she would do with the money, and in true Hollywood progressive fashion named giving the money to Planned Parenthood as one thing she would do.

“I’m hoping to abscond with them and buy a house,” Ellis Ross said. “I think I will hock them and give all the money to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. It’s that kind of year, folks.”

Of course, People Magazine thought this was great. Calling it a “good reason” for the money to go to.

If environmentalism is the left’s religion, then Planned Parenthood is their place of worship.

Of course pointing out that Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar organization that rakes in millions of taxpayer dollars every year would likely be lost on the 44-year-old actress. A series like


A series like Black-ish and it’s actors might also think about the fact that if you are the unborn baby of a “Black-ish” parent in New York City, you’re more likely to never see your birthday than will. A sad and tragic issue that one would think a show tackling issues in the Black community would address. But don’t hold your breath. Planned Parenthood is great and abortions are a big much ado over nothing topic in Hollywood.




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