Apple iPhone Turns 10! But What Phones Were We Using A Decade Ago?

On January 9, 2007, a star was born. Well, not really. Apple’s Steve Jobs just introduced the first incarnation of the iPhone.


Who knew that a flat touch screen with no buttons would become the preferred model of phone. Particularly since phones with raised keyboards were so well liked and are still talked about fondly by people like me who loved their Blackberry until it broke and then decided to switch and never went back.


We’ve come a long way in ten years. So, we decided to ask what phones they were using the day the iPhone debuted.

The ease of use, which was always a primary focus for Jobs and Apple, combined with the iPhone’s capabilities — music player and phone in one! — ended up being enough of a draw to coax cell phone users away from their beloved keyboards.

Unless you were Erick Erickson, who gladly eschewed the Blackberry for the iPhone:

A lot of people, including myself, had a Motorola Razr. A popular phone due to the affordable price when signing a 2-year contract.

But as far as “smarter” phones went, the Blackberry was what you wanted.

And still want.

And who can forget every incarnation of the Nokia phone.


And many simply forget what phone they had…

But don’t worry. The internet will always put you in your place and tell you how wrong you are.

It’s been quite the decade. Who knows how old our iPhone 6’s and 7’s will look in 2027…Just kidding. Donald Trump enters the White House in 10 days, we’ll all be dead or mutants from the nuclear fallout by then.


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