Lindsey Graham Dismisses Trump, Says Hearings Will Be Held On Russian Election Interference (VIDEO)

Lindsey Graham has done it again and raised my markedly low opinion of the man prior to 2016 up another notch into the likable column.

Earlier this week, he and fellow Senator John McCain appeared on CNN and were asked what the Republicans would do regarding President-elect Trump’s doubling and tripling down on intending to have a cozier relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. Particularly, in light of U.S. intelligence agencies stating that Russia and Putin interfered with our elections.


Senator Graham wholeheartedly dissented from the incoming president’s position:

“There are 100 United States senators,” he says. “I would say that 99 of us believe the Russians did this and we’re going to do something about it.”

“We’re going to have the hearings and we’re going to put sanctions together that hit Putin as an individual, and his inner circle for interfering in our election.”

Senator Graham goes on to point out that the United States is not the only country that Russia tries to interfere with. He points out that Estonia has had regular issues during their elections with Russian meddling.


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