Left Wing Billionaire Tom Steyer Proves To Be A Failure Again

Jane Austen wrote in Pride & Prejudice, “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn.” Well, it’s our turn to enjoy some mirth…

California billionaire, Tom Steyer, and his political organizations were at it again during the 2016 election, and things did not go well.

There is something about watching a billionaire, climate change alarmist/activist sink millions of dollars into political campaigns — while at the same time being against Citizens United — and his chosen candidates losing the majority of the races. The Washington Free Beacon explains exactly how bad it was:

Steyer personally donated $56 million to his primary political group, NextGen Climate Action, during the 2016 election cycle, Federal Election Commission records show. NextGen then passed on six- and seven-figure sums to two other groups with which Steyer was directly involved: NextGen California and For Our Future PAC.

NextGen California was focused primarily on the presidential contest. The group ran ads in California attacking President-elect Donald Trump. For Our Future also went after Trump in addition to Republican candidates for House and Senate seats.

Candidates backed by one or more of Steyer’s super PACs prevailed in three Nevada House contests and Senate races in Nevada, New Hampshire, and Illinois. His favored candidates lost Senate races in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Florida, and Wisconsin, and in a Wisconsin House race.

I’m sorry, but that is an incredible waste of resources going after Donald Trump in a state that voted for Hillary by almost double (61% to 33%). In all the states where a Steyer-candidate victory could’ve mattered, they invariably lost.

It’s worth noting that all the states where Steyer’s pick lost, Donald Trump won the state and vice versa. That could lead one to believe that it wasn’t Steyer’s climate agenda being rejected, but rather a wholesale rejection of the Democratic Party and it’s corrupt nominee. However, the real pièce de résistance is this little gem:

In all but one of those 2014 races, polls moved in the Republican direction after NextGen began running ads.

If anything tells you that people don’t want what you’re selling, it’s right there. But Steyer is unswayed and looks to be reconsidering a run for the governor of California to instead focus his time and money on helping Democrats get elected. Something he honestly doesn’t seem very good at doing, but if Steyer wants to turn his ‘screw you’ money into ‘screw me’ money, that’s still his choice in today’s capitalist America.

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