Two Steps Closer to Retiring Nancy Pelosi

Since becoming Chairman of the NRCC, I have had one goal – a goal I share with you: to retire Nancy Pelosi. In the next 11 days, we have an opportunity to take two crucial steps, in overwhelmingly Democrat-leaning districts, towards achieving our shared goal. But we cannot sit back and expect victory; we have to go and take it.


On May 18 in Pennsylvania, voters in the late-Congressman Murtha’s district will go to the polls to select his replacement. They are confronted with two clear choices: Tim Burns and Mark Critz. Burns has a history of creating jobs and advocating for smaller government, lower taxes, and now the repeal of the costly government-takeover of healthcare. On the other hand, Mark Critz is a career bureaucrat who would be another dependable vote for Nancy Pelosi. Although he claims he opposes government-run healthcare, he would not vote to repeal it.

This is an election Democrats are determined not to lose and that is why Tim Burns needs your help – click here to help Tim reach his online fundraising goal for the week. While recent polling has shown Burns with a narrow lead (even with National Democrats running ads that concurred are “blatantly false”), this is a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1. Additionally, this election occurs on primary day in Pennsylvania, and there are several competitive Democrat races that will drive up turnout – <a href="


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