And Wonders of His Love.....

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My 23 year old son sent me this video. From there, came the idea of a Christmas post; though it is about more than Christmas – had Thanksgiving on my mind, and the year to come.



As I watched this video, I was enthralled with the beautiful scenes of nature: the quiet of the woods, the light reflecting off the snow, seasons of the year – all capturing moments of beauty and life. Look at the little birds – in their winter garb, a red, red male cardinal, next to his mate, a red fox in the winter woods. And the pictures of churches, old and new, big and small – all belonging to a world that allows us to appreciate the “wonders of His love.”

Yet, there are times when the negative and the shadows of this world intrude upon us. We are coming to the end of a tumultuous year. Lows and highs. Obamacare passed despite our efforts to stop it. We won elections no one thought we would, and yes, we lost others. Two years ago, the Republican party was pronounced “dead.” While we were lost and uncertain, there was still something deep within us – a yearning to be free. We remembered who we are, Americans, stout of heart, principled, and we know how to move toward the light, and work for what is right. No, we’re not dead; the renewal and rebirth of traditional Americans, citizen activists, and Tea Party groups – says otherwise to those who thought they had broken our spirit.

Nothing can be secure and strong unless guided by a fixed star in one’s life. You have to be principled. When we forget that, we lose our center and start wandering. The Founding Fathers gave the nation a fixed star – our Constitution. God, the Creator, gave us inalienable rights, and if we traditional Americans would hold to that which was set forth such a long time ago, both since the beginning of time, two-thousand years ago, and 234 years ago, we’ll be able to face the challenges that lie ahead. Whether it is to meet the challenges our nation faces, or personal ones, if we adhere to truth, we will not be defeated. Our faith in this country – our patriotism – is tied to our faith in our Creator – a Being greater and more majestic than our own minds can conceive. Those that came before us knew it. Maybe not all defined and clear, but it is there; they wrote about and it is in the indestructible thread of our nation’s history. To this day it is what makes America unique in the world. If we remain a humble and grateful people, then the nation will prevail.


Next year, the problems America faces are far greater than an upcoming election. We have our culture to take back, and instead of surrendering our culture and faith, we must speak up – for ourselves, our families, future generations, the unborn and those that cannot speak for themselves. It certainly isn’t the politicians who will speak for us. How do I know we can do this? Because of that fixed Star in the Heavens. We are centered. We move toward the light, and keep the darkness at bay.

The video below has enthralled millions, to date 22 million “hits.” I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how many times I’ve watched it. But it isn’t just the majesty of Handel’s music that speaks, but the crowd, and their faces. You’ll see the moment when all gets quiet, sound and movement come to a standstill. You see the people listening, feeling and experiencing something out of the ordinary. With amazement, and delight. Look closely, a little boy’s eyes shine with wonder, then his mother clasps his hand. People film it with their cellphones, and some join in singing with the beautiful, trained singers. They are touched – a memory never to be forgotten. Perhaps it is a hunger appeased, that a food court in a mall cannot provide. A moment of Light, in a life that may be difficult, matching the beauty of God’s creations in nature. It is the bond of our humanness and capacity for joy, and delight.  For that which is good.



I wish for all of you, peace – in your own lives, for your loved ones, this RS community, and for this great nation, America.

Alleluia!……….Rejoice!………. Alleluia!



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