A TIME FOR CHOOSING: Trump Says People Have to Choose Between Him and "Sloppy Steve"

No Longer Buddies

It’s a tough choice, huh? On one hand, you have the President of the United States. On the other, Sloppy Steve: a guy who may not last the week at his own Web site, abandoned by his financial backers, and fresh off an embarrassing Senate loss in Alabama.


Which do you think people will choose? Pretty much a coin flip, amirite? Washington Post:

Breitbart executives, along with Mercer, who holds a minority stake, discussed pushing Bannon out of the company he helped make famous, according to four people familiar with the discussions. Among their concerns in doing so is the reaction of hard-line conservatives, who make up much of the site’s readership, and also of Bannon, who would be unlikely to leave quietly, the sources said.

Friends of the Mercers working at the White House privately shared their view that Bannon’s ouster from Breitbart would be well-received by the president, who has been irritated for months with Bannon’s rising profile even as the two continued to talk by phone. A Bannon representative declined to comment.

“I certainly think that it’s something they should look at and consider,” Sanders told reporters Thursday.

One person close to Trump said, “The president’s take is that everyone has to now make a choice: ‘It’s me or it’s Steve.’ ”

At some point, it appears, Steve Bannon got the idea that the Trump movement was his. In this regard, I can do no better than to quote Allahpundit from Hot Air, who outdid even his usual excellent writing in this post:

Bannon’s seeing firsthand now in the harshest possible way how thin his populist-nationalist “movement” is. He says all the right things on policy, he boosts all the right candidates, but a few harsh words on Russiagate about Trump’s top cronies and he’s on the brink of losing everything, including the “killing machine” he launched into the stratosphere online. It’s a cult of personality, Steve, whatever you may have thought it was. You helped build it and then you crossed it. Enjoy the ride.

Please, though, if he ends up being fired, let us be spared from the turd-polishing spin we had to endure after he was kicked out of the White House. “He’s liberated now! He’ll be more effective on the outside!” For God’s sake, knock it off. Have some dignity.


Maybe Bannon realized it was a cult of personality, but thought that he was the cult leader. If so, he’s even more deluded than previously suspected. Anyway, he’s now finding out what the real cult leader does when someone else tries to be the cult leader. There’s nothing gentle about it. A line gets drawn in the sand. The cult ends up on one side with their real leader. The pretender ends up on the other side of the line . . . alone.

That’s how it works, and Bannon is about to discover it.

Ah, well. It’s Friday, and one of the best things about Fridays is that they contain Friday afternoons: the perfect time for a news dump. Today’s dump may come, not from the White House, but from Breitbart.com.

We’ll be right here, soberly covering the situation for you.




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