Rachel Maddow's Opinion of Neil Gorsuch Just Might Surprise You

Usually when I write a clickbait headline like that, it’s ironic. You know: you just might be surprised to learn that this radical leftist has a bunch of predictable pre-fabricated nonsense opinions!!! But no irony today. Maddow actually acknowledges that Judge Gorsuch is a “mainstream” pick:

The choice of Judge Gorsuch is a relatively mainstream choice that you might expect from any Republican president.


Short clips like this taken out of context always concern me, so I sought out the entire show on YouTube. Maddow makes the comment at about 27:48, in the context of complaining about the treatment of Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland. There is no hidden “but Gorsuch is really awful!” comment in her quote that is excised by the clip above.

Earlier in the show, Maddow has lefty Dahlia Lithwick on, who says similar things:

This is not a bomb-thrower. . . This is an incredibly solid, respectable, conventional pick that anyone would have made.

Don’t let these comments worry you, by the way. The fact that Gorsuch is not a scary bomb-thrower, and that the left can’t lay a glove on him, does not mean he’s going to be weak. Remember: Justice Scalia was approved unanimously by the Senate. Non-controversial does not mean bad. Gorsuch is excellent and will be a fantastic Justice.


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