Trump 2015: Burning the American Flag Is Free Speech

I’m not sure if you heard, but Donald Trump tweeted out something about burning the flag recently. It’s true. He did:


Oh and also he brought it up again tonight, in one of his victory lap rallies, because that’s good demagoguery.

Do you agree with my stance? That, if people burn the American flag, there should be consequence, right?

The only thing is . . . does he really believe it?

The Washington Post reports today that Trump had a different opinion in 2015 while on David Letterman’s show.

LETTERMAN: Here’s the example that I’m always proud of as an American. People, to demonstrate, they think, we’re really gonna stick it to the United States. ‘We’re going to set fire to the flag.

TRUMP: Yeah, right.

LETTERMAN: And people get — “Oh my God!” Well, no. If that’s how you feel, go ahead and burn the flag.

TRUMP: Yeah.

LETTERMAN: Because this country is far greater than that symbol, and that symbol is standing for freedom of expression.

TRUMP: Sure. It’s true. It’s happened. It’s true. You’re 100 percent right. Hey, he’s really into it tonight! I’ll tell you what. No, but I understand where you’re coming from, and it’s terrific.


I think Donald Trump should be stripped of his citizenship for agreeing with David Letterman. If you don’t agree, then you don’t love America like I do.



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