Predictions for a Trump Presidency

Get your predictions for a Trump presidency in now!

Here are a few of my own:

We’ll get great Supreme Court justices. No, really. Donald Trump doesn’t care about the Court. He’ll do whatever the Federalist Society wants him to.


We’ll get a giant spending bill for “infrastructure.” It will end up being pork pork porkity pork. Legislators never turn up their noses at that. #pleaseclap

He won’t repeal ObamaCare. This will be filibustered and McConnell won’t resort to the nuclear option.

There will never be a wall along our entire Mexican border. Some more money will be allocated for expanding the existing fence, and some of it will be transformed into a “wall” instead of a fence, with great fanfare and pictures of the big beautiful wall.

The GOP will finally pass some form of amnesty bill. They have wanted to forever. Now they can.

Big, beautiful, classy executive power grabs. You’re gonna love ’em.

He will make a large foreign policy mistake. After all, he knows nothing about it.

Trumpers can discount my predictions because I didn’t call the election for Trump. I got that one wrong; no doubt about it. But I wasn’t as far off as you think. I did say: “Trump’s strength will surprise many.” I did predict the GOP would hold the Senate. My electoral count for Hillary was close (275-263) — and my popular vote prediction, having Hillary slightly up, is still looking pretty good. It’s still looking like Trump got fewer votes than Mitt Romney. So, a little less triumphalism from the Trumpers, please. Let’s see what their starry-eyed predictions for his Presidency are. In four years, we’ll see who is wrong then.


And the rest of you weigh in too! Get ’em in early!



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