Congratulations to Donald Trump. Now, Let's REIN Him In.

Congratulations to Donald Trump. I think he’s a terrible human being, but I’ll choose to be optimistic about what this means for the country. I was resigned to the idea that conservatives had lost the Court. Now we haven’t. Somewhere, Antonin Scalia is looking down on these results and smiling. I hope this means we can finally take measures to secure our border. I don’t think anyone believes Donald Trump will build a wall and make Mexico pay for it — but hopefully he will do more than Hillary Clinton would have.

When Trump seeks to do things that promote classical liberal principles — of liberty, the free market, and the Constitution — I’ll be with him. When he seeks to damage those principles, I’ll oppose him. I won’t let partisan bias stand in the way of offering you honest commentary. Hopefully readers have learned that.

Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy watching the lefties show a Strange New Respect for the separation of powers and the need to resist executive overreach. I’m with them on that. Let’s pass some now. They’ll support them for partisan reasons, and I’ll support them for principled reasons, but no matter. Let’s restore Congress’s proper place in government and start chipping away at the imperial presidency. You don’t even have to wait until Donald Trump takes the oath of office to do it. In fact, you probably shouldn’t wait.

Here’s how we can start. Mitch McConnell, pass the REINS Act today. It subjects major bureaucratic regulations to Congressional approval. This means Congress would retake some of the power it has ceded to the executive.

Pass it, GOP. Obama has threatened to veto it in the past — but remember what I said about the Strange New Respect for Congressional power? Either Obama can make it part of his legacy to undo some of his own power grabs . . . or he can explain to lefties why he wants to make Trump an imperial president.


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